Lean, Mean, Green Machine

Spring break is just one week away and everybody is working hard on cutting the calories and hitting the gym. Are you struggling with eating a balanced diet while you are getting ready to break out your new bathing suit and beach-ready bod? If you have been a vegetarian for a while, you probably get this question all the time, “How do you get enough protein?”. At first it is definitely an adjustment, but over time you learn which types of plant protein you like best.

I am a huge fan of chick peas. They go well with salads, wraps or even just by themselves! Also, they are one of the main ingredients in hummus, so if you don’t like them as they are, dip some carrots or celery into hummus! The easiest way to buy chick peas is in a can. This is great because you don’t have to worry about them going bad within two weeks like many fresh veggies. Peanut butter is another great source, but be careful because it’s high in calories, so a little goes a long way, especially for you hard-core spring break dieters.

The link below is a blog that I find very helpful as a resource for vegetarian athletes. It is geared towards vegans, but it is still full of great advice and recipes for a vegetarian who is training or just lives a generally active lifestyle.


Some other exciting news for UF students is that Gator Dining is trying to incorporate more local food and vegetarian and vegan options in the Gator Dining locations on campus. Eating local and healthy just became much easier for those of you on the meal plan. Check out their website for more information about this and other projects they are working on. http://sustainable.ufl.edu/topics/food-and-dining-services/

This spring break season is a great excuse to fall in love with vegetables! Don’t be afraid to try some new ones. Veggies will always treat you right, and your body will love you, especially with spring break just around the corner!


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