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No Meat Athlete in action

A couple weeks ago, I ran the Atlanta Marathon. Yes, a full marathon. I had been training since November 2012 and not once did I rely on animal protein. As I was running through the beautiful Atlanta area, I was looking around at the other runners and saw a man sporting the No Meat Athlete … Continue reading

Simply Satisfying Snacks

          As a college student constantly on the go, it can be a real challenge to find healthy snacks that are easy to throw in your bag as you go out the door. It’s tempting to grab the over-processed bars or chips from the isles on the inside of the grocery … Continue reading

Spinach is super

I believe that there are some crucial foods or food groups in a vegetarian diet. Just like any other type of diet, you will probably eat more of one kind of food or food group than others. In my experience, anything green should be the foundation of your vegetarian diet. (In no way am I … Continue reading